Mickey's CheeseSicles

Frozen Cheesecake on a stick

CheeseSicles are over 30 different flavors of cheesecake (including several Vegan flavors) dipped in chocolate, vanilla and caramel Magic Shell frozen on a stick.
I started this company in 2010. Vegan CheeseSicles are available at Park+ Vine and regular CheeseSicles are being sold this year at Madeira Art Fair, Vistation Art Fair, Summerfair, Lawrenceburg's Art in the Park ,Westwood Art Fair, Pride Fest and Clifton Fest.
I just purchased a used cold plate ice cream cart to help my business expand to street sales. I will also be purchasing a van to transport the cart and these two huge purchases have set me back tremendously.
I would use monies to help pay for these purchases and to pay for supplies and booth fees. I am renting kitchen space right now which also is a huge expense and all of these are coming right out of my poor social work pocket.


Submitted by: Mickey Frimming

Website: http://mickeyscheesesicles.vpweb.com