The "iStockphoto" for 3D printable designs.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 3DLT.com Named an “Innovative World Technology” and Announced as Competitor at First Anuual SXSW V2V Conference

3DLT is a 3D printable design marketplace. We are disruptive in two ways:

  1. We will accelerate the adoption of 3D printed products by the everyday consumer by offering a wide selection of well-organized, curated designs across multiple categories. We make it easy for consumers - from your grandmother to your grandson – to purchase 3D designs they can print at home, online, or at a local 3D print shop. We believe that once consumers are made aware of products that are unique, customizable and “instantly” available, they will adopt quickly.

  2. We will commoditize 3D printing and make it more financially accessible by partnering with 3D printing providers. 3DLT users will be able to seamlessly print from their purchase library. Behind the scenes, we will calculate the optimal printing provider to send items for print. Over time, we believe this method will drive down the overall cost of 3D printing for the everyday consumer and one day even allow small print shops to become profitable businesses for local proprietors.

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Website: http://3dlt.com