Fly Up Fitness

The Fly Up revolutionizes fitness by allowing the user to do a killer workout in any location through this affordable, portable device.

Brent Kruithof invented the Fly Up when he realized that there was a problem in his own workouts. Being a busy accountant, Brent often could not get to the fitness center, but because he valued consistency in his workout he often worked out at home or in a hotel room. The problem was discovered one day when he was doing a chest workout and realized that he was only getting 50% of a chest workout. There are two basic movements that exercise the chest - the press and the fly, and both are required for an effective chest workout. While push-ups are a great exercise, they only cover the press movement of your workout. There is no effective way to do a fly movement without large expensive equipment. Out of this problem, Brent Kruithof developed the Fly Up to do a chest fly on the ground using body weight resistance.

A cool thing happened during the development of the Fly Up. The product evolved from a device that exercises the chest to a total body workout by removing the handles and using the slide pad on one’s palms, knees, and feet. The Fly Up now works for dozens of exercises that tone the legs, stomach, arms, back, and gluts. The Fly Up and subsequent products and accessories promote consistency and variety in workouts by allowing the user to perform a variety of effective exercises using body weight resistance. When starting or maintaining an exercise routine, it is vital to have consistency by exercising on a regular basis. There will always be days when one is too busy to make it to the gym or has out-of-town travel. The Fly Up is compact in size and only weighs about a pound. The Fly Up's portability allows the user to throw it in a suitcase, briefcase, back pack, or gym bag.

The Fly Up will be distinguished as the primary way to do a chest fly using body weight resistance. However, in addition, the Fly Up can provide a total body workout in a portable and affordable device. Consumers in the fitness industry are always looking for the latest product that allows them to mix up their workout routine and have some fun using a new product as they see results. The primary need of these consumers is an effective workout in an affordable package. The industry has seen a decrease in sales of large, weight-assisted products such as the Bowflex, Nordic Track, and Body By Jake equipment as these are not affordable or (in some cases) very effective. The new trend is body weight resistance which is evidenced by increased sales of P90X, Insanity, and Jillian Michaels. These are effective workouts that can be done in front of a TV. However, these products create unmet consumer needs such as: portability is restricted by a TV, variety is limited, and cost for these DVDs is not cheap!

Based on the need in the market place, the effectiveness in achieving fitness goals, and the variety that this product can provide, the Fly Up is an innovative product that can help millions of people look and feel fit and healthy.