The Fit Mommies

Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness for Moms!

Moms who need help getting back in shape or need help staying in
shape have a new stroller class in town! Bring your babies, tykes & tots of all ages with you, while you get fit in a beautiful park! That’s right…they can be in your belly, stroller, carrier, trike
or bike (or NOT with you at all)!

Fit Mommies is a full body fitness program that combines power walking with circuit training to get you back in amazing shape. Light hand weights, resistance tubing, and the environment will be used to give you a great workout! Get out of the house with your children and get moving mommy!

The Fit Mommies, Amber and Candice, are looking to expand their business with an online workout platform and mobile app for moms! They would like to offer workout videos, meal planning, and advice to all moms. They would also like share their amazing class across the country by franchising the Fit Mommies concept!

Classes Monday-Thursday at 9:30am in Hyde Park and Loveland

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Update 6/9/13: Had a great meeting with our new web developer ReversedOut! We hashed out a great design for offering web based programming for prenatal and postpartum moms across the country!

Update 6/11/13:Big Pinterest winners moms, recipes, and babies! We're ready and we're making the right connections!

Update 7/16/13: We're two moms with a dream of offering online classes for the 1st-3rd trimester and a Naptime Boot Camp after the baby is born. This is a niche market that has yet to be tapped. We also hope is to expand Fit Mommies via franchising throughout the Midwest.


Submitted by: Candice Peters