Inland Shrimp Company-"Raising the freshest seafood inland"

Inland Shrimp Company will be an indoor state of the art shrimp facility that will use patented technology to raise shrimp year round.

Sustainable.Vertical farming.Buy Fresh/Buy Local.Organic.All of these terms are in today's headlines.Inland Shrimp Company embraces all of these ideas and more in bringing fresh,never frozen, healthy, shrimp that's raised without hormones,steroids or antibiotics in our modern facility.By using a patented Super Intensive Shrimp Farming Technology, Inland Shrimp Company is able to raise saltwater shrimp year round on a scale that's never been achieved before.Due to an ever increasing demand on natural shrimp stocks and unhealthy overseas shrimp farming practices ISC's mission is to raise the freshest shrimp in a converted and repurposed factory or warehouse that will be in the City of Cincinnati's city limits.This will also create jobs and to bring an old outdated building back into a modern production facility. To raise seafood close to the city that will be eating it will also reduce our carbon footprint and lower shipping and transportation costs.And with Cincinnati being a "Foodie" city why not have our own source of locally produced shrimp available on a daily basis !
Inland Shrimp Company is the new face of sustainable seafood.
Inland Shrimp Company
"Raising the Freshest Seafood Inland"