Teaity - A Place for Tea Drinkers

Teaity is a tool designed to help tea drinkers get more from the tea leaf they already buy through promoting better steeping habits.

Teaity's goal is to be a one-stop shop for tea drinkers to connect with tea companies and other tea drinkers as well as to grow and learn as tea drinkers and to discover new tea products.

Roughly 12% of (28M) Americans identify as drinking loose or bagged tea at least once a week. By industry calculation a vast majority of those individuals do not prepare the best cuppa possible using the product they've purchased.

By providing a light, friendly atmosphere focused on discovery and engagement our plan is to provide post-purchase consumption analytics to tea companies to help them tailor their product offers to active market demands instead of working on a 12-18month market research delay most tea companies are too small to afford anyway.

Currently the tea industry has little insight into post-purchase habits. The assumption is made that consumers drink the teas once they get them home, but that's where the data ends.

Using location data, cross referencing with other web services to determine weather, time of day, commercial, residential or educational location zoning and other services we look to provide some of the most robust business insight analytics for any consumer focused product industry.

Centered around community and engagement we will utilize data to keep the conversation going and provide unique opportunities for tea brands to interact directly with a captive audience. By highlighting opportunities for customer service wins (recompense for low score reviews) and providing one of a kind opportunities for tea drinkers to learn and grow we believe we can really serve multiple faces (consumer, retail, online retail, wholesale and import/export) of the same industry.

Our founder has a great deal of experience with tea and is widely known in the tea industry having been invited to the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas (an industry only event) the past five years.

In addition, his 19+ years experience in technology ranging from sales, to development to enterprise architecture means the company has a firm grasp on what's doable and what will have an impact on both the technology and tea product sides.


Website: http://teaity.com