KIDoozles - The Most Brilliantly Kids Created Products on Earth! *Sipper Snacker*

The Sipper Snacker - The Worlds First Drink and Snack device for toddlers on the go! Invented by a 1 year old!

: We say with confidence ‘The Most Brilliantly Kids Created Products on Earth’ because well, it was invented by a preemie at around age 1 adjusted.
Born a ‘Miracle’ as described by doctors at 31 weeks, this little fighter was considered the most critical for almost 2 weeks in a fully packed NICU at Good Sam Hospital Cincinnati.
Unsure if he would even survive, we were told he probably will not even crawl until about the age of 2 and will most likely have developmental problems his whole life.
With a LOT of hard work and the strongest will of a kiddo ever, he has gone from ICU to See Me Now!
As a ‘Special Needs Baby’, we received a lot of help and different developmental tools to help overcome his obstacles. One day, at around age 1, while practicing his walking, little Elijah was having a difficult time playing, eating his snacks, and sipping his juice all at the same time. With so much to do and only two little hands he thought there has to be a better way… so he came up with a solution, he put his cereal bites on top of a bowl like object on top of his low-toned sippy cup and thus KIDoozles was born! The worlds first sipper snacker for toddlers on the go!
No more having your snacks and juice in two different places. No more making babies open lids or unscrew caps to get to food or drink items! No more big messes and having to keep track of multiple items for us parents!
Now ‘Patent Pending’, and I believe little Elijah to be the youngest person to ever be written in on a patent application in the history of ever, this little kiddo needs your help to bring his idea to the next level and help other little ones who share this same frustration of wanting to snack and drink on the go.
With just a vote you could help show that a special needs baby has the power to not only overcome obstacles but exceed expectation and the imagination of a child is one of the greatest things on earth.
We thank you in advance and look forward to bringing you more great ideas and solutions to life’s little problems. We are a start up and hope to raise recognition and credit on our journey to improve the world through innovations. We have many other great ideas with working prototypes and with Gods will this will be our first stepping stone.
Perfect for those with low muscle tone and/ or hand-eye coordination or just any kids in general. Can be used separated too as just a snack container or just a cup and dishwasher safe.
Great for pet owners on the go as well as doggie dish bowls! Drivers, commuters, snacks/drinks for school, people taking medication, or just anyone on the go or who would like a convenient snack/drink item would benefit from this!
Please vote for us!! Unless of course you don’t like babies or puppies…. In which case we will pray for you… Thanks Again!


Submitted by: Joseph Collins